Eddie talks about the horns and mouthpieces he uses and why.


"My Bb Trumpet is an old Bach Strad model 38 medium bore. I picked up this horn about five years ago and find I can play just about any style on it from lead to jazz solos as well as more legit things. This is the exact same model I learned on when I was a teenager. I find that the slightly smaller bore gives me more control through the partials and because of the way my chops are set the horn does not feel particularly small to me at all.


I have a 1960’s Couesnon Flugelhorns which I use a Charlie Melk leadpipe with. Not only does it mean that the horn takes a standard mouthpiece shank but the response and intonation are better too. There is  simply no modern Flugelhorn that feels and sounds like an old Couesnon. If I ever find one I’ll be endorsing it!


I use mouthpieces of my own design from my company Pro Brass Mouthpieces