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If you have a computer with internet access and a webcam, you can schedule a lesson with Eddie online. To do this you need is to setup a Skype or Facetime account and buy lesson time. All lessons are scheduled in Eastern Standard Time


The rate for online video lessons is $35 per half-hour and $60 for an hour. Generally, for your first online lesson, you should purchase a minimum of 2 half-hour sessions so you can follow up with progess. All lessons must be paid for in advance using the paypal link.


Make sure you have a strong internet connection and that your Skype audio and video are operational.  It is highly advised that you turn off anything else that is connected to the internet by wireless or WIFI as this will take up bandwidth needed for the Skype session. A good set of headphones or audio speakers connected to your computer or tablet is highly recommended. 

After purchase, you can schedule your lesson time by emailing with your preferred date and time as well as your Skype name or Face Time email. Please also include your location and time zone to help convenient scheduling.


You can purchase and select your online lesson at the link on the right using the drop down menu


Thanks! Message sent.

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